You know what you wanT

more coaches at your court, less stress about recruiting, and a spot on that roster


Because right now it feels like you’re running on empty, you’re behind on your timeline, and you’re anxious about how this whole college volleyball recruiting thing is going.

It’s time you had a plan. And a roadmap of how to make it happen. 

You know you've got what it takes & you're ready

But you're feeling confused at just how to get noticed

You're tired of hearing others getting offers and not you

BUT what if you had a roadmap? What if there was someone in your corner who could equip you with the tools that could help you increase your exposure & make better connections, so you could achieve your dream of playing at the next level?

Our family did it! Why not YOU?

Hey! My name's Laurie, and I help volleyball families navigate the recruiting journey with more confidence and less overwhelm. But first, let me share my story (I'll make it quick)...

laurie with sydney at texas volleyball game

I’m a teacher, single parent, and VolleyMom to two college athletes (and “team mom” to dozens more). I love God, friends, family, fitness, getting techie with web design, and of course volleyball. Oh, and chocolate, too!

I started this little “side hustle” business after learning the ins & outs of volleyball recruiting over the years – with a lot of trial and error, mistakes, and celebrations along the way. 

I've helped players from all levels increase their exposure to gain the attention of college coaches, so they could achieve their dream of playing college volleyball.

I would be honored to help show YOU how!

Now mind you, my kids weren’t huge middle blockers who could jump out of the gym or turn or heads at every qualifier. They were just a couple of hard working liberos who trained hard with great coaches, did well in school, and learned how to attract the right recruiting coaches from the right schools. 

Both went on to Division 1 programs after high school. 

And both are examples of how it is very possible to get recruited if you put in the work.

yogis at best of the west volleyball recruiting tournament

If your student-athlete is in the midst of navigating their way down the recruiting path and they’re feeling a little stuck, overwhelmed, or behind the rest of the crowd… I’ve got you! 

Like it was for each of my kids, every player’s journey is a bit different, but do I believe playing volleyball at the next level can totally happen. When you figure out how to gain the right exposure and make connections with coaches from programs that are the right fit, things WILL fall into place (trust me)!

Right up until the end, I remember so clearly the feelings of anxiety at every tournament... Which coaches would show up? Would my kids have a good match? Would anyone ever notice them and make them an offer? [Hint: the answer was YES]

As parents, we know our kiddos are such super people & amazing players that ANY coach would LOVE to have them (riiiiiight?????).

OK, Moms... Unfortunately, WE aren't the ones who have to be convinced...

It’s the COACHES who have to take notice!

And that's how Student Athlete Connections was born.


Google told me there were companies out there that could help, but there was a slight problem. I’m a single mom on a teacher’s salary, and many of them were full blown recruiting services that I couldn’t afford and didn’t need.

One place strung us along for over a week on conference calls, only to unveil their lowest priced package at the verrry end of the process (despite me asking several times along the way). 


And btw, it was almost equal to my mortgage payment!

All I needed was a basic website, so my son could send his info to coaches (and maybe a few tips for how to do it).

And hopefully something that wouldn't break the bank!


I’ve always considered myself a little “techie” so I wondered how hard it could be do to it myself – create my son a website he could call his own – AND that he could put to use to start reaching out to coaches ASAP.

I started diving in to anything and everything that would teach me how to build websites. I began with a page for my son, and soon got a ton of requests from his teammates to help them, too. 

Before I knew it, word of mouth took off and I’ve been getting requests from other volleyball families ever since!

So Here's what you might be thinking...

"But can't my amazing athletically, talented kid get recruited without their own website?"

Absolutely, yes they can! 


Here are some great ways to increase the odds…


Be at the upper crust of national recruits and get amazing free press coverage

Have such physical ability that coaches are seeking YOU out and sending you offers before you even have to express your interest

Travel to as many showcases, combines, and qualifiers as possible & hope a coach from your dream school notices you


• They haven’t been BLESSED TO BE 6’7″ TALL so that ALL the coaches are already seeking THEM out.

• LIMITED FAMILY BUDGETS may keep them from traveling more than once per year.

• They aren’t necessarily a STARTER, or their team isn’t among the ELITE GOLD BRACKET CONTENDERS (which is still TOTALLY OK).

So how DO you stand out, anyway?

mockup devices syd kels volley

Sure, some factors in the recruiting process will be out of your control, but here’s what you CAN control: your initiative to be proactive and your effort to make it happen

We live in a technology-rich, fast-paced world. Right now, you have at your disposal a huge ability to reach coaches by connecting them to your virtual highlight reel. 

For my family, and ALL of my clients, having an online profile, an email strategy, and knowing how to navigate the whole thing has sure helped!

The road to college volleyball doesn't have to be so stressful!

Laurie was always very thorough and quick to respond. She was very easy to work with and knowledgeable about the whole process. Site looks great and we are very pleased!
Lisa Siegfried
Mom of player at LBSU
The best part was the way you put me at ease. Your attention to detail and quickness to respond was amazing! Thank you!
Debbie Wilcox
Mom of player at Santa Barbara
I have definitely recommended you already and have nothing but great things to say! Thank you for all your help along the way.
Sam Bradley
Dad of Pepperdine recruit
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The Vision

College volleyball made possible.

The mission:

Helping college-bound volleyball players maximize their options to play at the next level, with tools that put them in the driver’s seat of their own recruiting journey – not only to earn a spot on the team, but to experience the value that being a college athlete brings to their lives, long after the last whistle blows.

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I'd love to help you rock your recruiting journey!

While a S.A.C. website is an excellent way to increase your exposure and connect with potential schools, earning a scholarship or even a roster position is in the control of the individual college coaches and is in no way guaranteed. If any recruiting service or website designer tries to promise you a scholarship, you should run the other way!