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Step 1:

Book your FREE strategy call

Step 2:

Provide your profile information

Step 3:

Select and purchase your package

STEP 1: Book Your Free Strategy Call

Our initial consultation will help both of us get to know each other better. I will ask you a few questions, you can ask me all you want. By the end we’ll have a pretty good idea if we want to work together (plus, it’s FREE).

Schedule your call using the form below. Just choose your time that works for you! Then scroll down for STEP 2.

STEP 2: Provide Your Profile Info

While you wait for your appointment to arrive, it’s time for your next step – filling in the important information that will help showcase YOU on your new website! Think of it like writing your sports resumé.

Begin the profile worksheet – right click the button below to save the link to COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE. Then move on to STEP 3.

Don’t have all the information on hand right now? Just fill in what you can, and come back to it later. You can complete it in more than one sitting, using your laptop, phone, or ipad.

STEP 3: Package & Payment

The final step is your package selection and payment.

Click the CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE button to select either the “Varsity” or the “All-American” package and add it to your cart. If you’d like to review the packages first, see the PRICING PLANS.

Click CHOOSE YOUR PACKAGE to select either the Varsity or All-American Plan.
After payment is complete, check your inbox for 2 emails (your order confirmation & a note from me)!

What to do next?

Check your inbox for a note from me (if you don’t find it, click here and let me know). I’m looking forward to our call, creating your new website, and getting you started right on your mission to connect with coaches and find your best fit school!