Do You Have a Video?

It’s the #1 question coaches ask.

You work hard in the gym. It’s time coaches see it! Your highlight video is the essential tool you need to get one step closer to your goal of playing volleyball at the next level. Whether you choose to have me design your whole website and embed your video there, or you just want to purchase video editing as a stand alone service, I can help!

My goal is to help you get SEEN, get CONNECTED, and get RECRUITED!

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How it works:

You Shoot, I Edit

Shoot and select your footage, then complete the order form below. Once it’s received, I’ll send you a welcome email with details on payment and any eligible coupon codes. You will also receive instructions on how to transfer your file(s) to my server. Each order includes editing footage from 2 matches. 

Payment & Feedback

Once your video file(s) and payment is received, we’ll collaborate together to begin your project. I will use your timestamped notes (if provided) to edit the raw footage down to your best 3-5 minutes, to highlight your best position-specific skills. You will have a chance to provide one round of feedback before final approval. 

Approval & Delivery

You’ll then receive your final video link, to email to coaches, download for your files, or upload to your own website, which is what I recommend, to avoid coaches being distracted by videos of other recruits (current clients: I take care of this for you). A copy will also be posted to our Youtube channel. 

Filming Tips

1. Choose video footage where you have several position-specific skills to highlight. For example, if you are a libero, you will want to showcase yourself primarily passing and digging, and sometimes setting an out of system ball. Serving footage is OK, but secondary. Have a match where you feel most of your position-specific skills are on point? That’s the one to send.

2. It is highly recommended that you shoot your video footage from the end zone (behind the service line). This is the vantage point where coaches want to view players from (that’s why they all sit there!). When going through your submitted footage, I will select your end line shots first, unless there is an overwhelmingly great play(s) from another location.

Music 'Notes'

While it is possible to use music from mainstream artists, you would need to obtain their written permission that you are not violating any licensing terms in order to use it legally. For this reason (and the fact that coaches may not necessarily share, shall we say, the same taste in tunes…) your highlight reel will be synchronized to royalty-free music. This means you will never worry about copyright infringement, or Youtube shutting down your video (yes, we’ve seen that happen).

Highlight Video Order Form

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to take a proactive step toward playing at the next level. Just submit the form below to begin the order process, and within one business day, I will send you directions on how to transfer your video file(s), payment instructions, and any coupon codes. Thanks for allowing me to partner with you on your recruiting journey!
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