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As your virtual “team mom,” my goal is to help bring your student-athlete one step closer to their dream of playing college volleyball.

A mom of an unsigned senior once told me her son felt recruiting was like waiting around for a girl to say yes to the prom.

The fear of rejection is real. Whether it’s getting invited to a prom or your dream school’s volleyball team, the whole experience can have our kids (and us parents) feeling anxious and overwhelmed. To top it off, you’re starting to hear talk around the gym about other players getting offers, and you wish you had a plan for how to get that outcome, too.
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Does any of this sound like you?

If so, you're in the right place!

Fear of rejection shouldn't be a reason for inaction. It's time to get proactive!

The only problem is...

  • you don’t have an abundance of time 
  • you’re not willing to sacrifice the college savings fund
  • there are only so many roster spots (and scholarships) to go around so you need a plan quick!
done-with-you website package

You wish you could wave a magic wand...

to help make “the courtship” between school, coach and player a little easier – and that starts with your student-athlete getting in front of more coaches to start those important conversations.


  • as soon as a coach asks, your athlete has a link ready to go, with all the info any recruiter would ever ask for 
  • the peace of mind you’ll have, knowing everything needed to begin the coach conversations (that “courtship” phase) is being handled by your website
  • the relief of so much of the pressure that comes with being a recruit – and being able to just focus on your training (in school and on the court)

That's what you'll get with my website packages.

So how about we make life easier on ourselves (and the coaches, too), and get through this recruiting thing with as little stress as possible?

Whether you go DIY, or a little more . . .

custom made

Here's how having your own website can help

All your information and stats in one place, easily accessible to busy coaches

Your own personal URL, not a membership database alongside the other recruits

A Google-friendly, professional site you'll be proud to share with coaches

choose a package that's right for your needs & budget

I do
We do
you do


Done-For-You Website

I'll create your fully customized site for you and design it with content you provide. Revisions & post-project support are included. This package is personalized, all-inclusive and tailored to your student-athlete.


Done-With-You Website

You provide the content, I'll create your site inside of a templated framework so you'll know exactly what goes where. We'll collaborate at multiple checkpoints along the way to make sure you love it!

Junior Varsity

DIY Template + Tutorials

DIY your own website from start to finish. My pre-recorded step-by-step videos will teach you how to customize a website that looks totally high-end. Great budget-friendly option even for non-techies!

Recent Recruits... BYU  Cal Baptist Cal State Northridge  Cal State Long Beach  Cornell   Pacific University Pepperdine UC Santa Barbara  Hawaii 

kind words from clients
Quality of work and ability to make changes – Both these concerns were a non-issue. The website was very professionally managed, easy to navigate and quickly updated. It really took away so much stress about recruiting for us. I highly recommend Laurie and Student Athlete Connections to help your volleyball recruiting process!
Bradley testimonial for volleyball recruiting website by Student Athlete Connections
Scott B.
Father of Pepperdine recruit
Choosing to have Student-Athlete Connections create my son’s website was the best decision. Laurie's very friendly and professional and understands the process having two student athletes herself. The site was beautiful, done in a short amount of time, and all for a reasonable price. He was able to quickly start sharing his site with many college coaches!
Wilcox testimonial for volleyball recruiting website from student athlete connections
Debbie W.
Mom of UC Santa Barbara recruit
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Kickoff Call • Design Meeting • Revisions • Training & Support

Here's how we'll work together



  • When you book a no-pressure Consultation Call I’ll ask you to fill out an intake form to gather a bit of information about your student-athlete.
  • You’ll share your goals and I’ll share what to expect about the process
  • If we’re a good fit, you’ll choose your package and pay your deposit to book a spot on my calendar.



  • I’ll send you a link to an Athlete Profile for the initial info-gathering phase.
  • You’ll receive a Content Checklist and we’ll go over items you’ll need to provide so I can begin creating each of your pages.
  • We’ll set up Check-Ins along the way, to be sure we stay on track with our progress. 



  • Next comes the development phase, which may include additional Check-Ins to ensure we get it just right.
  • During pre-launch, you can request revisions while the site is still in draft mode. I’ll walk you through the entire site so you understand how everything works.
  • Tinker & test –  grab a couple of friends to proofread and check for broken links, etc.



  • Once we’re all set, we’ll hit “Publish” and do a happy dance! 
  • You’ll have access to tech support during your Quality Assurance (QA) Period.
  • I’ll also send you instructions and video tutorials so you can feel good about managing your new site on your own once the QA period ends.
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And that's it!

You'll soon have a website all your own that you can proudly share with any school on your list.

12 Questions Clients Ask

(and that YOU should ask any web designer before working with them):

The most popular platforms are WordPress, Squarespace & Wix. I work exclusively with WordPress for several reasons (namely customizations, price, and security), but we can talk about that more if you like. Make sure you understand the pros + cons of the platform your designer uses!

Every website needs a domain name and hosting provider. The cost will vary, but at the low end it’s about $100 a year. Some packages will include this (i.e. one year free) but be sure you ask in your particular case. After your initial set-up, know that paying for domain and hosting is a recurring cost that ANYONE with a website pays to keep it live.

Make sure you own your site and your web address (URL, domain name). Although a web designer can help you open these accounts, they should be in your name with logins shared with your designer.

Some web designers do branding, graphic + web design, and some just do the web design from the branding and graphics you give them. Make sure you know what you’re getting and if that’s what you intended when you chose your package.

Count on having to provide images, videos, and all of your website copy/text (i.e. information regarding player’s athletic and academic accomplishments, upcoming tournaments, etc.). I have a form that will be provided to you, that makes it easy to gather all of this info and get us started.

Even if the content doesn’t change that often, your site should be backed up nightly to prevent loss of data. All of my packages offer backups, with options to purchase additional time (or instructions to take care of it yourself later) if the Quality Assurance period has expired.

We can definitely work from an “inspiration” design you might have. If the design you want is more complex expect I may recommend a custom package. If it’s more simple and straightforward there may be a template option which is great for your budget!

Any good designer will install a security plugin like WordFence or Sucuri. There are free versions that do everything you need, so you shouldn’t have to pay extra.

Updates are critical to protecting your site from hackers and keeping it running quickly and efficiently. If your design package does not include this service, you should definitely be doing it yourself (or purchase an optional maintenance plan after the project is completed).

I live in Hawaii so we follow Hawaiian Standard Time (HST, as opposed to Pacific Standard Time).  We can work together to coordinate Zoom meetings and calls, but most communication will be done via email.

Just like building a house, it’s normal for a web designer to require a deposit to reserve a spot on their development schedule, and even to require the balance to be paid in full before an exclusive booking (like if you booked them for a specific day) but it’s NOT normal for a web designer to require the entire balance of a long-term project up front. There will be milestones that are met during the project before you are invoiced for the next stage. This will be clearly communicated.

You will be shown how to understand your website and make updates, so after the build has been completed, you have ownership and control over your content.  Most designers typically won’t update the content on your website unless they offer a specific content updates package.

Although I will provide tutorials, if you need additional support beyond that after your Quality Assurance period ends, there will be options for booking retainer work and/or individual time blocks to complete tasks.

I'm excited to help you get started making connections with more coaches so you can achieve your goal of playing at the next level!

SAC is not a recruiting agency. Having a website to share athletic and academic information is a convenient, cost effective, and time-saving tool, but it is the athlete’s responsibility to reach out to their desired schools to begin the conversation. Earning a scholarship or roster position is in the control of individual coaches and is in no way guaranteed. If any recruiting service or website designer tries to promise you a scholarship, you should run the other way! Disclaimer/Privacy Policy