Done-for-you templates to help you start writing to college coaches today!

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You know you need to email the coaches, but you’re a little overwhelmed at just how to do it. Not to worry, I’ve got you! With these templates and tips, you’ll be guided through exactly what to say and how to say it.

  • Learn the 3 minimum scenarios where you need to contact coaches
  • Easy-to-use templates so you don't have to wonder what to say or how to say it
  • How to share your personal information without sounding awkward or spammy

Raise your recruiting email game! Just grab these templates, then tweak them to fit your personality and the school you’re writing to. Download free now!

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Take the guesswork out of contacting college coaches - and tips to get them to OPEN & REPLY

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Learn the best tips for when to send those coach emails and what to say without sounding awkward or spammy! Download it now and let’s get this started, step-by-step!

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