Websites to help college-bound volleyball players get seen, get connected and get recruited.

Overwhelmed with those coach emails everyone says you should be sending? Start with my grab-and-go templates and say goodbye to some of the stress!

If You're over the "sign up for a service and hope coaches flock to your court" thing,

the right place

For the savvy student-athlete who puts in the work

who knows not to leave their recruiting to chance.

  • You’ve got talent and you work hard on the court, but you need to separate yourself from the pack.
  • You’re looking for more ways to get coaches to notice you.
  • Friends are getting offers, and really, all you want at this point is help knowing where to start.

And the proud volleyball parents just doing your best

to help your kids succeed and reach for their dream.

  • There’s not much you wouldn’t do for your kid, and like most parents, you want to help them turn their goals into a reality.
  • You’ve searched online, but you’re not prepared to spend the family college fund on a recruiting service. 
  • What you really need to know is what coaches are actually looking for.

the RECRUITING process is Overwhelming enough.

making connections with schools doesn't have to be.

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Done-for-You Custom Website Service

I'll build you a personalized, share-worthy website that makes coaches wanna pull up a chair, find out more about you, and binge watch all of your highlight videos. Then I'll teach you how to take it over yourself. You'll own your personal URL and 100% of your content!

Done-with-You Website in a Week

More than just an online resumé, in this option you provide me with the content and I'll build you a site. It will be quick and on budget so you can focus on the important stuff - getting the recruiting conversations started. You'll have peace of mind, I'll worry about the tech!

DIY Website With a Little Help From a Friend

Using pre-built templates, checklists and tutorials, this budget-friendly option will help you kick start your recruiting process with a professional website you create yourself (and yes, you CAN do this ... even if you're the least techie person you know).

hi, I'm laurie

You can think of me as your VIRTUAL team mom!

I help volleyball families get proactive about their recruiting journey with more confidence and less overwhelm. 

I’ll teach you how to build a website (or make one for you) that will help you share your stats, videos and accomplishments with busy coaches. Once it’s built, it’s a real website that you own – not just another database alongside hundreds of other athletes. 

You’re in the right place if…

  • You know you need to get on the radar of more coaches, BUT
  • You cringe at the thought of paying huge recruiting service prices, AND
  • You’re ready to move the needle in the direction of recruited!

I’ll walk you through the steps with instructions and support. And don’t worry, I’ll handle the tech, so you can focus on playing the game you love. 

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Let's make something great together.

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Start emailing coaches with more confidence (and less stress!) so you can get seen and get recruited.

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