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Learn how to email coaches the right way in minutes, using my FREE coach email templates!

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If you're beyond the whole "sign up for a service & hope coaches flock to your court" thing...

I'm here to help you move the needle in the direction of RECRUITED!

When,"Hey coach, look at ME!" isn't really working too well...

It's time for a new game plan.

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I help volleyball players like you build & leverage custom websites and volleyball highlight videos to showcase their talent and kickstart their recruiting journey...for less money, with less stress, and in less time!

  • You already love the game. Now it's time for you to...
  • GET SEEN - Build your online presence & stand out from your competition​
  • GET CONNECTED - Start coach conversations in a quick and authentic way
  • GET RECRUITED - Find your best fit school without that expensive recruiting service

If you're a player (or a parent of one) who is sick of waiting around for a coach to notice you, and you want a simple way to get more exposure and start connecting with your best fit schools - we should definitely talk!

Players & Parents

You've heard the stats: Fewer than 5% of high school student-athletes move on to play at the next level. If you'd like to be one of them, you're in the right place! 

Need help going from high school player to volleyball recruit? Start Here!

Have we met yet?

Hi, I'm Laurie!

You can think of me as your volleyball BFF!

I’m a teacher, web designer, and volleyball mom of two D1 athletes (and ‘team mom’ to many more)! After having a front row seat to men’s and women’s volleyball recruiting for 15+ years, our family has learned some valuable lessons (like how to avoid FOMO when it seems like everyone else is getting offers but you)! 

I teach recruits and their families how to leverage their online presence and reach more coaches – all without paying huge recruiting service prices. 

Building amazing volleyball recruiting websites is my specialty – but I’m also obsessed with chocolate, Shark Tank, worship music, and Amazon Prime!  =) 

Kudos from clients...

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Choosing to have Student-Athlete Connections create my son’s website was the best decision for him. Laurie is very friendly and professional and understands the process having two student athletes herself. The site was beautiful, was done in a short amount of time, and all for a reasonable price. He was able to quickly start sharing his site with many college coaches!
Wilcox testimonial for volleyball recruiting website from student athlete connections
Debbie W.
Mom of UC Santa Barbara recruit
Quality of work and ability to make changes – Both these concerns were a non-issue. The website was very professionally managed, easy to navigate and quickly updated. Highly recommend Laurie and Student Athlete Connections to help your volleyball recruiting process!
Bradley testimonial for volleyball recruiting website by Student Athlete Connections
Scott B.
Father of Pepperdine recruit

Laurie's Latest Articles

Still trying to get noticed by that coach from your dream school?

Wouldn't it feel so amazing to finally be done with that stress?

If you're stuck with your fingers frozen over the keyboard...

Download the (free) PDF workbook and use my coach email templates to help get your volleyball recruiting email action started ASAP! Learn what to say (and when), so those important coach conversations won’t sound desperate or icky!

The Vision

College volleyball made possible


Helping college-bound student athletes maximize their options to play at the next level, with tools that put them in the driver’s seat of their own recruiting journey – not only to earn a spot on the team, but to experience the value that being a college athlete brings to their lives – long after the last whistle blows.


Let's talk about the best way to take your recruiting online and make you more visible! Let's make it happen, like yesterday!

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Learn the best tips for when to send those coach emails and what to say without sounding awkward or spammy! Download it now and let’s get this started, step-by-step!

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